Last Cuddles Bears Crochet-Along for Charity

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Do you love cute amigurumi bears? Are you passionate about spreading love, warmth and happiness?

Last Cuddles Bears Feb 2016 CAL currently running on Ravelry |

During the month of February, the Aussie Crocheters! Ravelry group will run a very special crochet-along (or CAL) dedicated to raising awareness of the Last Cuddles Bear Project.

What are Last Cuddles Bears and why are they being made?

Last Cuddles Bears are tiny crocheted (or knitted) bears made for stillborns, premature and terminally ill babies in local Australian hospitals. They are given to bereaved parents, and are also used in free photography sessions.

For this reason, bears are small in size (5-10cm / 2-4 inches to complement the size of the newborns), and are designed to be baby-safe.

Free Amigurumi pattern "Last Cuddle Bear" by Krystal Higgins of Six Little Mice (bear made by Jennifer Wang Bears)

Made using Lily Sugar’n Cream Solids and a 3.00mm hook

While there are no words which can be said or gifts which can be given to replace the loss of a child, it is hoped that the bears can provide some measure of comfort to the grieving parents.

Last Cuddles Bears are a way of saying: Your pain and your grief matters, and this community is thinking of you during this incredibly difficult time in your life.

Emma from Heartfelt Australia sums it up beautifully in a message she wrote within the Aussie Crocheters! group:

I can say now that when an absolutely distraught family is given the option of choosing a tiny bear, which is the perfect fit proportionally, they are just blown away that such amazing people exist who take the time to knit or crochet these tiny bears, they usually cry with gratitude!

I would love to join in. Where can I find the pattern?

Krystal Higgins has generously provided a FREE crochet pattern specifically for this cause. Her pattern, The Last Cuddle Bear, is available on her blog, Six Little Mice.

However, any crocheted bear or animal between 5-10cm (2-4 inches) is perfectly okay to use, and there are many free patterns online. Here are a few of my favourites (in alphabetical order):

Remember! The bears need to be between 5-10cm, so you will need to adjust your yarn and/or hook size for most of the above patterns in order to make them smaller (Krystal Higgins’ pattern requires no modification).

Free Amigurumi pattern "Last Cuddle Bear" by Krystal Higgins of Six Little Mice (bear made by Jennifer Wang Bears)

Made using Homemaker Baby Ella 4ply and a 2.00mm hook

Do I need to be on Ravelry? And where do I send my finished bear/s?

No, you don’t need to be a Ravelry member in order to take part. However, please consider joining, as Ravelry is THE best online social community for yarn crafters – and it’s free!

Before sending your bear/s, we ask that you please take a picture and upload it to the Last Cuddles Bear Project Facebook page. You will then be contacted by a member of the project advising you which nearby hospitals within Australia would love to accept your bears.

Help! I want to join in but I’ve never crocheted amigurumi before

I strongly recommend following along one of Sharon Ojala’s FREE amigurumi video tutorials, as she will take you through the whole process of crocheting and assembling your own amigurumi (Sharon’s videos taught me how to crochet amigurumi, so I can vouch for their awesomeness!).

I also highly recommend Kristi Tullus’ technical videos on Youtube, which go through all the major types of amigurumi assembly and construction.

The Craftsy blog also has a wealth of free information on all aspects of crochet and amigurumi. Check it out here!*

I live outside Australia. Can I still join in the CAL?

While Aussie Crocheters! and the Last Cuddles Bear Project are both Australian-based, we welcome and encourage participants from all parts of the world. Any bears you make can be donated to local hospitals or charities in your area, or given away to family, friends and loved ones.

So come on over to the February CAL and have a peek. We’d love to have you join!

Click here to visit the Last Cuddles Bear Facebook page >> Last Cuddles Bear Project
Find the Ravelry group for the CAL here >> Aussie Crocheters!
As well as the specific CAL thread here >> CAL: Feb 2016 – Last Cuddles Bear

Last Cuddles Bears Feb 2016 CAL currently running on Ravelry |


I’m currently compiling a list of groups/organisations within Australia (as well as around the globe) who would be happy to receive your lovely handmade toys. CLICK HERE for more info 
  • Eva Olvera says:

    Hello is there any way we can purchase one?

    We lost our first born son in august ar 22 weeks.
    This is such an amazing thing you are all doing. There is very few people that understand the pain. This made me tear of joy, since its very hard to even find baby clothes for premature babies.

    I live in usa. Or is there someone i can contact around here?

    Thank you so much

    Bless your hearts

    • Hi, Eva 🙂

      Thanks for your warm comment. I am so sorry to hear about your son, that must have been such a dark and painful time for you, and I know it must always be painful for you to think of your loss. I agree that there isn’t much in the way of providing for premmie babies, which is why I loved being a part of this project during the February CAL. It was so lovely to connect with women making and donating small toys for these little angels.

      In regards to purchasing a bear, the rights to this particular pattern belong to it’s creator, Krystal Higgins, who can be best contacted through her Facebook page:

      I am not currently making physical toys for sale, but you may be able to commission another crochet artist closer to home who can make a custom bear for you to remember your little one.

      Thank you so much again for contacting me ~ I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help, and I hope you are having a lovely week so far 🙂
      Much love,

  • Asa-Marie says:

    I love this! Such a good cause.

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