Free Pattern: Crochet Amigurumi Monkey Hats

FREE pattern: Crochet Amigurumi Monkey Hats | Jennifer Wang Bears (free Little Bigfoot Monkey by Sharon Ojala)

Amigurumi monkey hats, anyone? Dress up your monkeys with a Fedora, Sun Hat, Cowboy Hat or Newsboy Cap. These hats were made as a fan pattern for Sharon Ojala’s FREE Little Bigfoot Monkey pattern. A big thank you to Sharon for sharing her talents so freely and rocking my little world! NOTE: This blog post […]

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Free Pattern: Year of the Monkey 2016 Amigurumi

Year of the Monkey 2016 FREE amigurumi pattern | Jennifer Wang Bears

As I sat sprawled on the couch, half-clad in the summer heat and bulging with the bloom of pregnancy, I wondered how on earth I planned to celebrate something so joyous and so terrifying at the same time. Being my first pregnancy, I had nightmares about every possible thing that could go wrong, and I […]

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Last Cuddles Bears Crochet-Along for Charity

Free Amigurumi pattern

Do you love cute amigurumi bears? Are you passionate about spreading love, warmth and happiness? During the month of February, the Aussie Crocheters! Ravelry group will run a very special crochet-along (or CAL) dedicated to raising awareness of the Last Cuddles Bear Project.

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New Crochet Panda Design

Crochet amigurumi panda and monkey designs. FREE pattern coming soon by Jennifer Wang Bears

Can it be? A new crochet panda design? Whoops! In my attempt to make good on the Sorda Panda update I’ve been promising for months, I’ve accidentally come up with a whole new crochet panda design.

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My Happy Little Rainbow Hippo

A gorgeous little Rainbow Hippo by Jennifer Wang Bears. Made using crocheted African flowers and Daiso embroidery thread (original design by Heidi Bears

Somewhere… Over the rainbow… A sweet little hippo is born! At long last, after almost an entire month of piecing him together, I’ve finally completed my very first Heidi Bears design. Say hello to Rainbow Hippo – a mini version of “Happypotamus”.

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May Roundup of Recent Projects 2015

Crochet Bleuette Amigurumi Doll by Jennifer Wang Bears (original design by Beth Ann Webber)

Hello there, fellow crafters! It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it?  I’m excited to reveal a bunch of smaller projects I’ve completed over the past few months, so this will be a longer post than usual. I’ll try to include as many pictures as possible for those of us who are more visually-inclined and likely to […]

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